CreaTEK 3D develops and provides 3D printing filaments engineered for high speed printing (above 400mm/sec) as well as high-end specialized filaments.
Our team is made up of experts from Create it REAL (Denmark) and Shenzhen Weistek Co.Ltd (China).
We launched in 2014 the first real time processor dedicated to 3D printing, the first high speed consumer desktop printer in 2015, we innovate to push the limits of 3D printing.


Our Expertise

High speed 3D printing is a bit like formula 1 for cars…
You need a special car with a powerful engine, special tires, and of course special fuel.
Same applies to 3D printing !
FDM 3D printers powered by Create it REAL electronics can achieve high speed printing (above 400mm/sec) and still maintain high quality print out. However if you want the best results, you then need a filament optimized for high speed usage. This is where CreaTEK 3D filaments come in !

Our filaments


CreaSPEED is a new kind of PLA based filament, a biodegradable polyester made from dextrose (sugar), engineered to bring the best results with the new high speed 3D printers going at 400mm/sec and above.
Its unique formula guarantees finest print details at high speed so you do not have to compromise between quality and time to print.

Produced using NatureWorks' Ingeo™ PLA
low carbon footprint, no hazardous odors

Available in a large 1Kg spool to offer the best quality/quantity/price ratio

Compatible with all FDM/FFF 3D printers


CreaWood is the perfect filament for artists, designers or engineers who are looking for creating high quality 3D printed objects.
Made of 70% PLA and 30% wood, it is perfect for 3D printing and gives a natural wood feeling and smell to your designs.

Biodegradable, safe and environmentally friendly

High abrasion resistance

Comes in dark and light wood colors


CreaFLEX is a flexible PLA that could be printed at high speed with Create it REAL compatible printers while keeping high print quality. No more compromise between quality and time to print especially with such specific filaments as flexible ones.
Perfect for high quality flexible prints, excellent bonding between layers, it provides high elasticity to your object and smooth surface.

Biodegradable, safe and environmentally friendly

Shore hardness of 85A
Strain to failure ratio of 500%

100°C heat resistance
Comes in 18 colors

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